Customizable & Premium Storage Racks for Commercial Offices


6/9/20241 min read

Commercial Offices Need Proper Furniture setups to store their inventory. IT companies also need good furniture setups as they have so much stuff to store in their workspace.

Versatile and Durable Metal Racks

Our solid metal racks offer the perfect storage solution for warehouses, retail displays, janitorial closets, and office buildings. Made from robust steel, they provide the strength, durability, and reliability required for various commercial storage needs. These racks are ideal for storing tools, kitchen supplies, and inventory, ensuring everything is organized and easily accessible.

Applications in Various Industries

Our metal racks are not just for commercial use but also suitable for restaurants and medical facilities. They ensure safe, sterile storage in various conditions, from walk-in freezers to temperature-controlled environments. Additionally, they are perfect for greenhouse storage, providing protection against the elements.

Types of Metal Racks

We offer different styles of steel shelves to meet your specific needs:

Closed Clipper Units: Enclosed on the back and sides, these units offer stability, item protection, and cleanliness. They are ideal for storing heavy items securely.

Open Clipper Units: With an open design, these units provide easy access to items from all sides, making them perfect for general storage in garages, offices, and warehouses.

Customization and Easy Assembly

Our metal racks are customizable to fit your needs. Choose the shelf depth that suits you best and expand your storage capacity as needed. All hardware is included for easy assembly, and additional shelves can be added to meet changing organizational requirements.

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